Sheep and Beef Consulting and Supplement Development

Technical Support and custom product development for cattle & sheep

  • Pasture supplements custom formulated.
  • Feedlot diets and total mixed rations TMR can be formulated and balanced for all ruminants.
  • WAC software is used to predict growth rates, cost/kg LWG and net profitability after all variables have been included.
  • Husbandry and farm management advice for all classes of stock with full pasture budgets if requested.


Around Home June 08 019

  1. The primary service to the cattle and sheep industry is to develop a cost effective feeding program and show that this will be profitable by using simple, accurate, LWG computer prediction programs which were developed by WAC.
  2. Most of the protein and mineral supplements are delivered in the following forms: free choice licks, liquid supplements with slow
    release urea technology, high protein concentrates to be fed by themselves or with grain and hay in feedlots.